Ancient Temples, Marble statues Kouros, plenty of Venetian Castles, Towers and Monasteries. Naxos has undoubtedly passed all the most important periods in the history of Greece.


The endless coastline of the beautiful island of Naxos hides many beautiful blue secrets.

Springs & Waterfalls

Naxos is the largest island of the Cyclades hide us many springs in the greater Cyclades mountain, which is called Za or the Routsouna Waterfalls.


You will find many museums in every corner of the island like Archeological, Folklore, Geological and Natural History Museum too.

Churches & Monasteries

Naxos is famous for the brilliant history... Who does not know about the Byzantine churches which are there in every conceivable point of the island where their importance is known worldwide as the Agia Kiriaki which won the first Cultural Heritage / Europa Nostra prize or the oldest church in the Balkans who is the Panagia Drosiani.

Olive Trees

Naxos, is also known for its good traditional cuisine, which could not be further from the history of olive trees. In Naxos is located the oldest olive tree in the world dating from 5000-6000 years, and not only that but it shows that our island began to cultivate the olive tree with only one variety in each olive grove. That’s why you will find many traditional stone mills on the island of Naxos.